About us: Guidelines for Membership

This site is an archive. For our updated Mission Statement, visit www.mbsrcollaborative.com


The Collaborative began in 2009 as a group of dedicated teachers wishing for an opportunity to deepen our own practice and further develop our teaching ability. We do this through peer supervision, presentations, discussions, participating in the list serve’s sharing and consultations, and co-teaching. We’re not just studying the MBSR curriculum; we’re working toward embodying mindfulness. It’s all practice—how we relate to each other, creating the sense of safety that allows us to admit what we don’t know and ask for help; meeting those requests with generosity. We give our time, our commitment, and our friendship. We feel privileged to be teaching this work, and take seriously our responsibility to pass along what we’ve learned with gratitude for the teachings and respect for our participants. This process is ongoing, intimate and essential to us as teachers. 

Collaborative membership entails showing up—offering our presence and our skills, joining with others to maintain the standards of competence and integrity this work deserves. There are two types of membership: Associate and Full.

Associate Membership

This is a way for an individual to get a sense of the collaborative, and for the collaborative to get a sense of an individual’s commitment and level of participation, It’s open to anyone who has completed the CFM Practicum or equivalent MBSR training program and can commit to being involved with the collaborative as described above. Individuals who meet this requirement are welcome to begin attending meetings and to participate in the list serve.

Once you’ve been accepted as an associate member, you will be welcomed and receive an orientation about the collaborative’s history, mission, how we function as a group, and expectations of membership.

Full membership

To become a full member, an individual needs to:

• Complete the TDI (unless the Practicum was completed prior to March 2013)

• Complete teaching 4 MBSR cycles (individuals who are not teaching MBSR may apply for membership, but cannot list any MBSR courses on the website until they have completed four cycles).

 Lead practice periods and/or facilitate parts of a collaborative meeting (this kind of involvement is important for becoming a member as well as remaining a member). 

• Attend 6 meetings a year or demonstrate involvement in some other way ... such as attending special events, or serving on one of our committees: Alumni practice co-ordination, Social media, Web, Programming, Steering, Membership. (Again, this requirement is ongoing: in order to maintain membership one must maintain involvement in the collaborative functioning.)

• Bring a skill and share it with the group (movement, art, writing, diversity work, etc. This is valuable both as a way of getting to know members and to add to the richness and skill set of the collaborative

Highly encouraged but not required:
• A minimum of one silent residential retreat of 5 days or more every 2 years.

Important Disclaimer

The Collaborative is not empowered to certify or endorse any teachers or programs nor does it provide supervision on a formal basis. If you have questions about the credentials or supervision of any of these teachers, please ask them directly.