Jon Aaron - Testimonials

"A challenging and insightful course delivered masterfully. Jon Aaron is a most inspiring coach whose humility and humanity helped breaking barriers making this a one in a lifetime experience for all students involved! "
- Antigoni Goni, guitarist, Professor Brussels Conservatory of Music, Director Volterra Guitar Project

"It was a remarkable experience -- insightful, profound, intuitive. He shepherded us all away from rational(ization) thought back to experience and perception, help us hold onto mindfulness and the present, and helped me create peace and restful awareness in a time of heightened struggle and overwhelmedness. I will always be grateful."
- Elizabeth Ostrow, Vice President, Artistic Planning, Orchestra of St. Lukes

"Jon is a wonderful teacher - learned, humble, funny, and always engaging. He has a particular knack for taking the sometimes esoteric and grounding it in real world experiences. I return to his classes whenever I can. As performers we may think we've got a handle on stress and how it affects us, but Jon will undoubtedly guide you to new insights about yourself, your craft and life all around you." 
- Edoardo Ballerini, Actor

"Jon's MBSR class has changed the way I live my days. He is a patient and caring instructor who has given me the motivation to commit to a daily practice."
- Bryony Freij, LMSW

"Jon is an excellent teacher of MBSR. It has had a major positive impact on my lifestyle. He has a calming voice and approach to introducing a significant lifestyle change. He seasons the class with a number of different approaches that allow him to touch class members with different perspectives on the practice. He anticipates and introduces issues effectively and is able to handle and meld class members into a cohesive group." 
-John Ziegler, Investment Banker

"I am a yoga teacher who has had the fortune to take 2 workshops with Jon. It was great to witness the skill and compassion, not to mention humor, with which Jon worked with a wide variety of people, helping us all to discover and deepen our experience of meditation.
I especially enjoyed the times he would bring in quotes from various poets and artists that help illustrate aspects of the meditation experience. I would then scurry back to the texts and use them to inspire me. Looking forward to the next workshop."
-Kevin Ryder, yoga teacher

"In the Spring of 2011 I enrolled in a “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” course taught by Jon Aaron. Familiar with the benefits of mindfulness meditation through its popularization in the media, I had no personal experience of meditation and sought an arena in which to explore an enduring way to cope with stress and anxiety. I was fortunate to find a skillful, knowledgeable and thoughtful teacher in Jon Aaron. With compassion and patience, Jon led our group through the eight-week-long transformative course, helping each one of us to cultivate and develop a meditation practice by which to examine the nature of mind. Jon guided us through practical stress-relieving exercises that awakened a greater sense of body-awareness. I am appreciative of Jon’s straightforward and considerate manner. Most of all, I am grateful for Jon’s excellent guidance as a teacher, enabling me to develop a consistent meditation practice that has ultimately improved my well-being and happiness."  
–Anna Grossman