Ken A. Verni - Testimonials

“The present moment, for me, is what is real. The past is gone, the future unknown. Even with the intention to be in the present, I see how my mind is drawn in other directions, sometimes self-imposed and self-distracted. What as been especially helpful in this class is the emphasis on being gentle with oneself when this distraction is noted. -- I was inspired by the selected poetry and benefited from the class and our discussions. Ken’s teaching was lucid and uplifting, reflecting his own sincere, committed practice. I am grateful.” 
–J.W. Children’s Librarian

“Although my practice was irregular at first. I gradually established a daily practice. That daily practice, those moments are now like a refuge that I can go to and find calm. It seems contradictory because in meditation I encounter all these wild thoughts and fantasy scenarios, but the quiet, observing encounter with them seems to allow me the ability to see through them to a more centered calmness; one I can take with me throughout the rest of the day. The practice has also taught me greater patience and tolerance of my own and other’s mistakes. When I am calmer, time seems to linger. I can appreciate life more deeply and be kinder to others. This is terribly important to me as I have always been a very anxious person. The entire course- the meditation, yoga, poetry and excellent instruction from Ken, has been very valuable to me, and I intend to keep this practice in my life.” 
–V.A. Nurse Educator

“I found the graphic representation of the prism of experience separated into sensations, feelings, and thoughts very helpful. To be able to separate and recognize each element, for me, is a useful method of dealing with unpleasant situations. The course material for me is multi-layered. It offers the opportunity to delve into myself. Whether it is poetry, homework, or the practice itself, it has been well worth the time and energy. The sitting meditation, being present, offers for me a chance to set my day in a framework of positive intention or energy. Ken, you have been wonderful and I am so grateful to you. I found you to be open and accepting, willing to value views and experiences. It has been really positive. Thank You.” 
—K.T. Building Contractor

“Nothing in the course was new to me, but it was presented in a fresh, entertaining manner that restarted and re-invigorated my long dormant practice. Ken’s teaching methods have inspired me to further study -mindfulness- and to re-commit myself to practicing a mindful way of life, which is far more enriching the living perpetually lost in thought. I particularly liked Ken’s gentle way of teaching us how to still our minds and to avoid our natural inclinations to shame ourselves for lack of perfection."
-- R.S. Attorney”