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Lucia McBee’s path to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction began in 1992. Her mindfulness practice was inspired by a client with chronic pain. Looking for alternative treatments, she discovered Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Sheparticipated in professional training in MBSR at the Center for Mindfulness in 1994, and in Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine at the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in 1999. Since 1998, she has taught MBSR to a wide variety of populations including frail elders, caregivers, college students, persons with HIV, those recently released from incarceration, health care professionals, and the general population. Always interested in meditation and yoga, Lucia also became a certified Kripalu yoga teacher in 2008 and completed Yin yoga training in 2013.

Lucia is a licensed clinical social worker in both New York and Maine. Following her graduation from Columbia University's School of Social Work and Public Health, she developed a pioneering practice using mindfulness, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to improve the quality of life in community, hospital and nursing home settings. Mindfulness-Based Elder Care is her book based on her innovations in adapting these techniques for elders and their caregivers. She has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, and chapters in many books describing her adaptations. Her presentations have included national and international conferences. She regularly presents to and consults with institutional and community direct-care providers.

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