Training to Teach: What to Know

Where to train to teach?

The Mindfulness Meditation 
Greater NYC Collaborative does not offer teacher training nor does it endorse anyone to be able to teach MBSR.

MBSR teacher training, supervision, and certification is conducted by Oasis Professional Education and Training, a division of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School, in Shrewsbury (just outside Worcester), MA. 
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On the East Coast it is also possible to train in Philadelphia at the Mindfulness Institute at Jefferson University Hospitals.
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How long does it take to train to teach MBSR?

For most teachers, the training process is lengthy and even life long. 

A quote from the Oasis FAQ on the CFM website :

It is vitally important to note that preparing to teach MBSR is not just about acquiring skills and following a prepared curriculum. In order to prepare oneself to meet the people who  enroll and the extraordinary range of human suffering that are often presented in a class, an MBSR teacher needs to allow an adequate amount of time to explore the curriculum, to develop the appropriate teaching skills, and, especially, to develop a rich and deep mindfulness meditation practice. We do not offer, and we strongly caution against the use of,  any quick paths to becoming an MBSR teacher.

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